One Man Show/One Woman Show

Sure, Cape Ann is a place. But places are nothing without the people who live in them. Our new video series aims to show not only what The Other Cape is, but who it is, by capturing the essence of the wide range of personalities who have gravitated here. We hope you enjoy it.


Episode 1: Lily Linquata, Gloucester


It’s not easy growing up in a big-name family in a small city. Lily Linquata, 32, grew up at The Gloucester House, the restaurant her grandfather started on the Gloucester wharf that his father, Leo, purchased in 1957. Fried calamari? It was invented there. Today, Lily’s parents, Lenny and Dottie, and her extended family still run it. Lily knows the business inside and out. She spent most of the past year traveling the world, trying to find her own place in it. But Lily returned to community she loves, with the knowledge that Gloucester is the city that built her family, and is the place that is still so much a part of her.